Rabu, Ogos 10, 2011

Tulis-tulis : Standard Berganda?

1. They banned 'burqa' (face covering cloth) due to the elements of safety & security, should they ban hood and face mask as well now? France & Australia?

This women is a threat to national security.

This guy is contributing to the nation by buying a proper clothes according to his tradition.

2. After Bersih 2.0, THEY said in UK, peaceful demonstration went soo peacefully where police were seen assisting the demonstrators and controlling the traffic for ease of peaceful demo, not shouting, spraying and beating the people like PDRM. 

Now, London Riot also started with peaceful vigil that turn to burning, looting, attacking civilian and confronting the Scotland Yard. What YOU want to say just now?

Mengharapkan semua rakyat Malaysia di London dan kawasan sekitar agar semuanya selamat, terpelihara dan dilindungi-Nya.  

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