Khamis, Julai 12, 2007

Opinion - Sports - Bola sana sini

EPL - bit down when Henry went to Barca, he's EPL attraction. Anyway, lots of young talented players all over the world have been recruited by Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. EPL could be very interesting this season.

Asian Cup 2007 - very good start for most of the hosts except for Malaysia - very poor defending and nervous goalkeeper. Should build the confident level higher and numbers of supporters turnaround also low compare to other 3 hosts.

Copa America 2007 - if we look closely, the playing tempo of Argentina games are quite similar with Malaysia Super League games. But they are in different level when it come to ball control, players creativity, tactical and defending quality.

TV3 recently plays back a lot of issues when they do the coverage for Danone World Cup - football tournaments for Under-12. When I look at the clips of Malaysia's matches, they seems to be on par for their heights, sizes, level of confidents and skills. Maybe Malaysia should pay more attention for tournaments like this. Gather the best player all around the country from the tournament and mould into a solid squad. Not just sending the national champion to represent Malaysia. After tournaments planning also should be included to maintain the consistency. Long term planning should be made compulsory.

Rabu, Julai 11, 2007

Opinion - Newspaper aka suratkhabar

Newspaper is my first and common source of informations, keeping me update on what's going on. Since my graduation untill more than 5 years of working, for almost everyday I will read the newspaper. At first it is just a source to look for jobs employment advertisments. Secondly source of my updates for football world. But now, it just the way I'm keeping myself updated to the outside worlds, generally in sports. No matter what sports genre, local or international. It just naturally interest me with all the facts, figures and the developments. It always my desire to comments and discussed the events or what I have read in the newspaper with someone, now I found the right medium just to ramble about my thoughts. Get ready.

Pendahuluan - Introduction - Mukadimah

Tentunya tertanya-tanya kenapa tajuk ini yang dipilih.
Jawapannya mudah sahaja.
Kegiatan masa lapang yang sangat digemari:
1. Membaca surat khabar bahagian sukan sambil melihat iklan jualan murah di Jusco.
2. Membeli surat khabar di Jusco untuk mengikuti perkembangan sukan.
3. Memakai pakaian sukan ke Jusco untuk membeli surat khabar.
Selamat datang ke halaman saya.
Komen dan tunjuk ajar sangat dihargai.
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