Jumaat, Disember 28, 2007

My recent holiday - Melaka

after so much deliberation and consideration, we postponed the journey back to my wife kampung for this raya haji holiday due to so much constraints. Rain, road closure, flood, landslide, petrol, money are the cause of concern.

So.. 20 Dec 07
Pak n Mak already planning to put a feast (kenduri doa selamat) for yam for her journey to further her study in Auckland, NZ.. we arrived the night before hari raya.. sleep late.. wake up next morning directly prepared for semayang raya.. back from semayang, the must in raya treats & dishes will be the lontong, sambal sotong & kuah kacang... huhu.. tradition must go on.. snap a photo a bit.. watch tv.. sleep.. then around 4 o'clock, start the preparation for the night kenduri.. helped my bro to clear the car porch as that will be the seating for guest.. then 'pelekat api' for the BBQ..
Yaa before we move on. my son, Aqil was stung by a bee while he was playing at the car porch, he stepped on it actually, so a loud cry heard all over the house. We calm him by applying some ointment (minyak tyt), so he's ok for a while. His tapak kaki looks ok with marks of the stung, no bengkak etc. Back to the feast preparation around 6 started the BBQ. . only marinated chicken for BBQ. first attempt.. agak hangus all the chicken due to very hot 'bara' and some flames plus letak-banyak-sangat-sampai-tak-sempat-nak-kalih. after that selepas meminta-tolong-bomba-padamkan-api, ajak adik-Qis buat skali.. baru la oke sket.. sampai dekat nak isyak baru siap.. At first we are a bit hesitate in the expected guest coming in for the feast as the food array was as much as you can think of, nasi minyak, rendang daging, sambal sotong, lontong, udang (galah) masak merah, ayam BBQ, rojak buah (jambu, mangga, sengkuang, nenas) and agar-agar laici.. But after the isyak prayer je, segerombolan orang pon datang, yang dari surau terdekat, opismate abang, jiran sume.. penuh gak dari luar sampai dalam umah.. kire-kire around 50 people gak.. The makan2 goes on well, almost all food cleared. Maybe because of rain / cold night, people eat more.. huhu... mengemas is done as soon as all the guest beransur. By 1AM everything back in order. Rest..

21 Dec 07
We all just lazying around, wake-up bit late. Prepare for Solat Jumaat, before that as Aqil also still asleep, look like his leg is getting worse, the swollen and red marks already reach his ankle, so we decided to bring him to hospital after the Friday prayer. Around 3, we all prepared for sending Aqil to hospital, at the same time also decided to straight away to Pantai (***) because I still unable to remember get the pantai name. At Hospital Jasin (we decided that better to go to hospital kerajaan as our budget was not there and just to try the experience). We were directed by the klinik ibu dan kanak-kanak to register at the emergency counter. Ezi made the registration after I drop her at the emergency entrance and after that parked my car at the parking space, she told the guy in the counter :
"Anak saya kene sengat lebah"
Petugas Kaunter menjawab
" Bila kena?"
Ezi (macam kene marah je)
"Pagi tadi" (padahal semalam)
Petugas kaunter
" hah? kamu tak sayang anak kamu ke? kenapa baru sekarang bawak datang?"
Ezi (terdiam, itu pon dah kata pagi tadi, kalu jawab semalam?). Ada ke dia kata kita tak sayang anak kita.. ish ish..

At the hospital, there are few people, it's a working day and already nearing 4 o clock. Aqil looks ok, playful and no merengek what so ever. An assistant medical officer - En Ramli attended to Aqil, he first weight him and then check Aqil's foot, he asked how many bee stung Aqil, and also is he vomitting?, and red marks like rashes at his body. That to eliminate the possibility of bee allergic symptom. Luckily Aqil have none of the symptom. En Ramli then write something on the medical record paper and then using his calculator, ah yes.. calculator to calculate something.

Ezi, separa membisik kehairanan,
"Doktor tengah buat apa?"
"Dia tengah kira apeni.... aha dos, ye dos ubat untuk Aqil"
" Ooo, ingatkan ape, tak pernah jumpa doktor guna kalkulator"

En Ramli suggest to give Aqil a painkiller (paracetamol) and a cream to reduce the itchiness. We collected the medicine and all are done around 430PM. Guess how much the cost: RM1. I wonder if we went to a private clinic, easily the bill will be around RM30-50.

All of us, me, Ezi, aqil+ammar, Yam in my car then proceed to the Pantai, yaaa remember the pantai name already, Pantai Kundur. Mak, pak, qis, azimah, zahin+zahra, aishah in another car also ready to go waiting for us at bemban. We reach Pantai Kundur, now known as Pantai Puteri. All of sudden the Mak realize that she did not bring her brand new camera. Qis said she already put in Mak's bag, but the other bag.

Aqil at first hesitate to go into the sea, bit worry and as he just woke up from sleep during the trip coming in plus he cried when it looks like his abah want to tinggal him in the car while taking out the stuff from the boot. So he hold tight to me and when we were in the water, he still merengek like not enjoying it. After a while he already get used to it, but as I saw him shivering, maybe due to the windy condition and his might still a bit unwell due to the bee stung, I took him out of the water and sit on the sand for a while. Ezi gave aqil some snack, he like the cute mandrin orange very much. After that, we go back into the water as Aqil start saying "tuh, tuh," while pointing to the sea. (meaning : nak main air balik). We were in the water until Aqil lips turn purple and all his fingers 'kecut'. Huhu.. Time to come out. Aqil cried, merengek etc when he know he no longer in the water, even after he changed clothes, he still wanted to go into the water again. Hantu air rupenye..

Dinner we went to Tom Yam Klasik, as abang reffered, it come out on JJCR (jenjalan cari makan). Huge place but food just ok.. till next time for additional info on my holiday.. coming up.. zoo trip, river cruise and gulai ayam piru (turkey)... huhu..

Selasa, Disember 18, 2007

Highlight on the 4th Q 2007

Been a while not posting in this blog..
ada la kerje sket2 n gi sana sini since August. Highlight of the last quarter of the year will be:

i. dah dapat anak ke-dua - Muhammad Ammar Amani DOB 6 Sept 07, which a day after my birthday. For information, please browse my slide show on the right. Untuk ke dua-dua my sons.

ii. At the same time (subsequently actually), gi US, Seattle for the second time of my life for DLI D.E.I. International Sales Meeting in Bainbridge Island.

iii. Start my first fasting in US, terribly keep thinking about finding halal food for the whole week.

iv. Back from US, no rest, Rabu tuh dah ada appointment at Manjung, spend 2 day there, then ujung minggu naik ke KB with mak, man, yam to see Ammar. Back from KB to JB by bus. The next day terus ada appointment dengan customer at Pasir Gudang, on the way back, due to jet-lag, fasting, penat, tired, ngantuk, I fell asleep, swerve my car to the left (luckily on the left), drive on the bouncy dirt/grass, tersedar, terus pulas stereng to control the car but 'senirih' to a tree.. the result is: whole car body on the left kemek teruk.. claim insurance to fixt it. a day before hari raya baru dapat balik my car.. the whole while pinjam kereta my friend.

v. Hari Raya. Take bus from JB to KB, pagi tuh sampai, siap2 barang n anak2 untuk ke airport, first time amik Firefly dari KB ke Penang, spend the raya dengan my family, tak sempat beraya dengan family tok mek. Back from raya dari Penang ke JB by AirAsia. huhu. What a round trips.

vi. Result for CLS exam come out, I manage to achieved the passing mark above 70%. So I am officially a Certified Lubricant Specialist from STLE.

vii. November mid, sewaktu tengah membuat sales trip to East, Kerteh-Kuantan dsb, kene plak involve in 1 huge vib tender. So berulang alik KL-JB plak, ada la 3-4 trip gi sana. 2 kali bawak wife n anak2 sekali. Saja bawak berjalan. harap-harap ada la hasilnya..

viii. Dah nak end of the year dah.. raya haji maybe celebrate dengan family at my brother house. Xmas belom tau dimana..

Sekian sahaje.. till the next time.. got a lot to talk about my sons. Suka tengok anak-anak membesar..
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