Selasa, Disember 18, 2007

Highlight on the 4th Q 2007

Been a while not posting in this blog..
ada la kerje sket2 n gi sana sini since August. Highlight of the last quarter of the year will be:

i. dah dapat anak ke-dua - Muhammad Ammar Amani DOB 6 Sept 07, which a day after my birthday. For information, please browse my slide show on the right. Untuk ke dua-dua my sons.

ii. At the same time (subsequently actually), gi US, Seattle for the second time of my life for DLI D.E.I. International Sales Meeting in Bainbridge Island.

iii. Start my first fasting in US, terribly keep thinking about finding halal food for the whole week.

iv. Back from US, no rest, Rabu tuh dah ada appointment at Manjung, spend 2 day there, then ujung minggu naik ke KB with mak, man, yam to see Ammar. Back from KB to JB by bus. The next day terus ada appointment dengan customer at Pasir Gudang, on the way back, due to jet-lag, fasting, penat, tired, ngantuk, I fell asleep, swerve my car to the left (luckily on the left), drive on the bouncy dirt/grass, tersedar, terus pulas stereng to control the car but 'senirih' to a tree.. the result is: whole car body on the left kemek teruk.. claim insurance to fixt it. a day before hari raya baru dapat balik my car.. the whole while pinjam kereta my friend.

v. Hari Raya. Take bus from JB to KB, pagi tuh sampai, siap2 barang n anak2 untuk ke airport, first time amik Firefly dari KB ke Penang, spend the raya dengan my family, tak sempat beraya dengan family tok mek. Back from raya dari Penang ke JB by AirAsia. huhu. What a round trips.

vi. Result for CLS exam come out, I manage to achieved the passing mark above 70%. So I am officially a Certified Lubricant Specialist from STLE.

vii. November mid, sewaktu tengah membuat sales trip to East, Kerteh-Kuantan dsb, kene plak involve in 1 huge vib tender. So berulang alik KL-JB plak, ada la 3-4 trip gi sana. 2 kali bawak wife n anak2 sekali. Saja bawak berjalan. harap-harap ada la hasilnya..

viii. Dah nak end of the year dah.. raya haji maybe celebrate dengan family at my brother house. Xmas belom tau dimana..

Sekian sahaje.. till the next time.. got a lot to talk about my sons. Suka tengok anak-anak membesar..

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